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Twisted Rules Game Designs

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Customer Comments

Here is what our customers are saying...


"I recently was introduced to the Tempest of the Gods but confused over the unedited rules. When I saw Twisted Rules website and purchase an booklet not only with a much clearer writing of the rules but I loved the variants as well, the summoning of a deity to smaller temples is great. Twisted Rules was in the process of reworking some if its variant rules and contacted me email to see if I wanted those rules booklet for free. I was delighted." -Henry, Springfeild MO
"Been a Tomb Raider CCG fan for years and never could find any variant rules to speed up the game and make it just as exciting. TRGD gave me that oppurtunity, and my group likes some of the variant rules, will get them to use more later."-Ladawn Hogan, Jackson MO
"Cheap prices, links included in the Variant rules, lots of options for print or downloads, don't have to search a dozen websites to find some good variant rules out there that are not way overbalanced."-Francis Biss, Neosho MO
"As a friend and player of the Twisted Rules Game Design guys, Dan has come up with some alternative rules that are fun and entertaining to play. I love playing the draw 2 drop 2 format along with zombie, two of 15 formats offered in a Magic The Gathering variant rules."-Steve Elliot, Neosho MO
"Been wandering if there was a Harry Potter multiplay rules out there for years. Lo and behold Twisted Rules came up with some and then offered it for free. No more waiting for two people to finish, now its multiplay Harry Potter all the way."-Max B. Joplin MO
"There has been debate over the Horse & Cart, the Mule for years, Twisted Rules Game Designs came up with a solutions of variant rules for Talisman over these objects that make my game group happy."-John Breunean, Racine MO

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