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Twisted Rules Game Designs

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Meet the Business

Twisted Rules Game Designs is a online/physical company that produces variant game rules for primary new and defunct collectiable card games and fantasy board games for gamers. We have been in the business as another company since the February winter of 2002 and have solid fan support throughout its endeavors.

CEO, founder and designer of Twisted Game Rules Designs-Daniel Braun "And little bit of everything else. I'm the one that runs the daily grind, but it is my staff that makes it function."

Our Company

Black Dagger Game Designs just didnt start out as a company, we had our ups and downs before we became a company of our own. Back in the February winter of '02 I answered a strange little message on a game board, It simply said someting like, "Game Designers needed for a up and coming company called Dark Faerie Products. Please submit a page of fantasy material for approval." Not thinking really nothing would come of it, I submitted a spell called Solidification, a spell where a person could become either etheral or shunted back to the material world in the space of a few rounds. Sort of like a phasing etheral/material spell. A few days later, I received a email, saying that I had been reluctantly been accepted.

 "Reluctantly", I told myself, well I will show them what reluctrant is; over the next year and a half I took every assignment DFP had to offer, proving my worth time and time again. DFP was going places, and about to open up their company, the products were in the pipeline, we all were anxious. About two weeks before we were slotted to open, Wizards of the Coast announced it was going to produce the 3.5 version of Dungeons and Dragons. DFP followed up about a month later announcing that due to circumstances, the company would not open up, they were in fact closing down. Devastation set in; a year and half of solid work and nothing gained from it, a serious set back to all the staff involved.

 SO, I set around for months compteplating what I would do, then it hit me. If DFP could make a company then so  could I. But, where as they were unable to endure the changes I was; so I set out first designing a product that I thought would shake up the roleplaying world, thus the Wilds-There and Back was born. I recruited Freelance artist, editers, writers, web designers and what have you from all over the world, being that my ideal was internet base company procuring to online roleplayers. Slowy and surely the product came together, delays and delays, hirings and firings, seemed like the job would never be done.

 At the time, we were called Crimson Swords, but due to an attempted fraudulence in the company,(the fraud was caught), we changed our names, plus we felt that Crimson Swords wouldn't appeal to the roleplayers as a game design company and a game product called Crimson Skie was already on the market-thus Black Dagger Game Designs became born.

 Black Dagger reached a fever pitched interest, racking up 44,000 hits on its website in a week ranking #4 in Msn's ranking order at the release of their online material product, but once again delays, overbudgeting, high overhead from delays and poor timing in the game industry caused Black Dagger to slip from its ranks losing thousands in sales but sold moderately well if you asked us. Undaunted and after years of seeing slipping sales in the September fall of 08, we retooled our structure and staff we came up with an new approach. Variant game rules for primary collectiable card and fantasy board games that customers could actually have in their hands instead of having to wade through tons of web material-thus Twisted Rules Game Designs was born.

"Any game rule can be tweaked in a balanced way to make it more enjoyable"

We believe in the highest quality products and services for all of our customers. We believe our customers are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving your needs and to make your collectiable card gaming and fantasy board playing an rewarding experience. Our sister site is below.

Twisted Rule Game Designs

 Cardgames/boardgames that are trademarked appear in name only and does not constitute copylaw infringement