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Twisted Rules Game Designs

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Twisted Rules Game Designs is a subsidary of Black Dagger Game Designs and is dedicated to providing customers variable game rules from different fantasy card or fantasy board game companies. None of these rules are the official rules of such games, but many official rules are included with the alternate or variable rules to help ease the transition of alternate/variable rules. These rules  thoughly playtested and can sent to you via money order in a printable copy or downloadable email.

We make various thoughly playtested alternate rules to fantasy card games or  fantasy board games in printed  or emailable downloadable version with different print and download options available.
 The designers constantly test new rules in a balanced playfair of new and exciting card and board games.

Twisted Rules Game Designs
c/o Daniel Braun
Suite 118 Jefferson
Neosho Mo 

Twisted Rules

The 100 yr old (some say haunted and I have a few stories) house converted to an office where all Twisted Rules Games Designs is done.


Coming Up- Their will be a Preview page on some of the more popular rules from each fantasy card game or board game. Also, their will be a Playtesting Variant Rules page giving insight as to what game were playtesting and writing varint rules for.

 Cardgames/boardgames that are trademarked appear in name only and does not constitute copylaw infringement