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Twisted Rules Game Designs

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These rules upon receipt of a money order will be sent to you either in a printed hardcopy in a brown envelope appropiate for size with the following options: front and back printing, front page printing only,  text (notepad or wordpad), word, (suboption of rich text format) or pdf format. Normally,we will use a 10 point letter size, 12 point Headers and True Roman Font, but we will print in a differnt letter size for free. A different font, header size and letter size will cost .25 cents extra. A different landscape will cost .50 cents extra. The printed copy will be watermarked for security purposes.

Shipping and Handling prices included in the printable hardcopy, though it will different fee for overseas but if overseas customer will send their township,country and zip code (yes we know it consist of letters and numbers) in their email you be returned an email as quickly as possible with a postal statement of what it cost before you send out your money order.

You may also have sent to you a downloadable version to your email in the following options; text (notepad or wordpad), word (suboption of rich text format or pdf and will have the same options of letter size and font with the exception of front printing (which will be front and back printing instead). The downloadable email copy will be watermarked for security purposes.

If your computer is unable to display PDF documents, click here to get the free Adobe Reader.


For an extra $1.00 cents we will send you both a printed version and downloadable email version.

When possible various links of where to find websites or or about the game material will be included in either the printable or the downloadable email version.

Just send an email to this website or or  with Variant Rules in the Subject Line, note whether you want a printed hardcopy or downloadable email version, what options you want. An printed order will take 3-5 days including postal delivery unless circumstances don't permit, then you will be notified at earliest oppurtunity as of why. An order for an downloadable email version will take 2 days, 1 to process and 1 to send unless circumstances don't permit and then you will be notified at the earliest oppurtunity as of why.

Money Orders (US Postal only) should be send to: Twisted Rules Game Designs/co Daniel Braun, Suite 118 Jeffereson, Neosho, MO 64850.

For oversea customers, obtain a money order from your nearest post office, they should be able to convert how much it will cost you in your currency for the money order. Twisted Rule Game Designs will reconvert the money order back into US currency upon recieving.

Twisted Rules Game Designs is not responsiable for unsecured email boxes or those companies that use unsecured email systems. Twisted Game Rules Designs highly recomends email companies such as Yahoo, Msn, AOL for email purposes. We do have a tracking system in place that we sent confirmed emails sent out and can give you a date and time we sent it out if such question arise.

For the printable mail version, we can track it at the cost of $1.00, we will then give you an UPS number you can log on and confirm where the printable version is. This is also a confirmation where you can sign for the printing. All printable versions will be no larger then 11 x 8 1/2 unless specified.

Return Policy: If you are not fully satisfied with the alternative play rules of a fantasy card game/fantasy board game and you send the original email back within 3 days of it being sent out via forward or send the watermarked printed copy back to us within 7 days of recieving (tear the postage marked date off with marked stamp and insert in envelope, note this must be in your return envelope), we will pay for postage and handling of the material in a refund..

Twisted Game Rules Designs reserves the right to refuse a refund if suspected mail fraud can be proved in a US court of law and the appropiate agencies will be notified as well. Furthermore, we will refuse to to have any further business ventures with the person who is proved of mail fraud.

Thank you for your patronage and purchase of Twisted Rules Game Designs materials. Variant Rules mostly includes the rules of the product. Free material does not have a short description below.

1.Harry Potter TCCG* Variant Rules (1/4 page 20.0 kb)
2.New Magic the Gathering* New Formats (6 pgs)
3.Lord of the Rings CCG* (22 pgs, current printed rules)
4.Pirates CCCG* (9 pgs, 155.0kb)
5.Rage TCCG* Variant Rules (16 pgs, 230.0kb)
6.Talisman* Variant Rules (1/8 page, 25.0 kb)
7.Tempest of the Gods* Variant Rules (7 pgs, 66.0kb)
8.Tomb Raider* Variant Rules (2 pgs, 37.0kb) *Trademarked Game

  1. Free
  2. $2
  3. $5
  4. $3
  5. $4
  6. Free
  7. $2
  8. $1

2.Over 15 new formats to choose from; booty magic,  the infamous draw 2, drop2, condition, mana copy float, random everything, rogue, zombie & more.
3. Quick starter /advanced rules.
4.Random placement of islands & terrain, 23 new crew positions, free actions listed, new rules for derelict, drop anchor, juking, keel over, ram, critical ramming , boarding, salvage, updated & new keywords, new terrain types & new general events.
5.Crossover rules from both sets and supplements. New ritual/regeneration, Umbra, Battlefeild, Caern rules, aggravated damage rules & more.
7.Rewritten in a clear precise format.  Variant rules include;  temple construction rules, pooled faith rules, deity rule, destroying temples with relics, new & old terms easily explained & so much more.
8.New explore rule for faster games, new search and discovery, new trap and disarment, new tomb raider encounter, a step order of precedence.

Please call us at (417) 451-9222 for a free estimate or for more details. Ask for Dan or Twisted Rules Game Designs customer service rep. If no answer leave a message and phone number and we will get back in touch with you. Our hours are M-F 9am-530pm, Sat 10am-8pm.

We will update this page frequently so be sure to check back! If you prefer or have any questions including FAQ's you can email us at one of three emails below. or or

 Cardgames/boardgames that are trademarked appear in name only and does not constitute copylaw infringement